So am I.

This person may not be me, but he or she is not alone. It’s jarring to read my own secret (which is, admittedly, not much of a secret to my readers) on Have you ever seen your secret(s) on that site? Do you have any secrets?


Am I Lying?

Andrew left a thoughtful, interesting comment on my recent post about coming out to my family. I think it’s worth responding to at length, and I’d like you all to chime in if you feel inspired. What do you think about my decision? Background The only family member who does Read more…


My Mother Outed Me

Perhaps secrets don’t work in my family. Perhaps my older sister (M) asked directly and my mother didn’t want to lie. When I came out atheist to my mother in October we agreed that I’d be the one to tell my siblings; I didn’t want her to feel obligated to Read more…