Book LOL of the Day: The Exorsistah

The Exorsistah I haven't been around much lately since I just moved to a new place, took a vacation, and work just got a hell of a lot crazier. But, by the power of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I am here to provide you with some literary entertainment! Who else is in the mood for sassy teenage love, exorcisms, and fashion advice? Claudia Mair Burney, a Christian fiction author, released an interesting novel in 2008 titled The Exorsistah. The book has received five 5-star reviews on amazon. The cover reads, "If you think the streets are mean, meet Emme Vaughn, demon-huntress." Oh yes, folks, this is a golden example of contemporary Christian literature. Don't ask how I got it; just sit back, relax, and wonder along with me how writing like this gets published. Let's hear some quotes, shall we? Starting with the opening paragraphs: (more…)